AT-107N –  Water leak detector

AT-107N, Water leak detector. Definition of location of leakages in small pipelines. Compact leak detector with LED indication. 



Brief description AT-107N

  • Low cost
  • Sensor with magnetic base
  • Contact rod
  • Operation in low temperatures

Application AT-107N

  • Location of leakages in small pipelines
  • Inspection of isolation valves

Specifications AT-107N

Frequency range («Broadband»)0,31…2,00 KHz
Visual indicationLED scale (7 values)
Sound indicationHeadphones
Power supplyVoltage 1,8 to 4V – alkaline batteries АА type 1,5 V (2 pcs.)
Time of continuous operation not less than10 hours
Operation temperature-30ºС…+60ºС
Ingress protection ratingIP54
AP-014 receiver dimensions145×70×24 mm
Weight of the electronic unit0,15 kg

Standard set AT-107N

  • Receiver AP-014
  • Portable acoustic sensor ADM-227
  • Headphones
  • Set carrying bag
  • Operation manual
  • Technical passport

Method of operation 

First of all, high-quality microphone allows to hear slightest noises, caused by running water. Moreover, the display of receiver indicates the noise level. As a result, magnetic base provides easy mounting on metal pipeline of small diameter.

Two methods of usage:

  • Firstly, mounting of the sensor on a pipe for leakage detection;
  • Secondly, usage with extension rod for inspection of isolation valves.

Inspection of isolation valve ADM-227


Оpened valve


Closed valve

First of all, the ADM-227 is a small-sized portable sensor. Moreover, it is convenient to use it indoors for leak detection. In addition, its use for evaluating valve status. Therefore, it is not replaceable in repair and maintenance companies. As a result, a very budget option.

It is primarily used for leak detection. In addition, speeds up the process of finding them, for pipeline service companies,. As a result, it is advisable to use the ADM-227 for immersion in wells.

First find the distance where there is damage. Further, by going through it and listening to it, the exact place of the leak is found. In conclusion, the pipeline repair is carried out.

The search process ADM-227 it self, first of all, occurs with the orientation of the signal value. Because it plays a role – the value of the signal, as well as its visual display. Its maximum or minimum values ​​allow you to determine the exact location of the fault. As a result, the use of the narrow range selection function in the receiver. It makes it possible in difficult conditions.

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