NR-117 – Sensor

NR-117 sensor is used for precise location of a single cable in a bunch of other cables.

This sensor is used with cable location receiver.


Specifications NR-117

Supported frequency range, Hz50..104
Inductivity, mH100
Dimensions, mm115х35х75
Operating conditions
Surrounding temperature, C-30..+40
Relative air humidity at 25C, %90
Atmosphere pressure, mm Hg530..800

Firstly, the patch frame is used to receive the signal from the cable line. Secondly, the received signal is transmitted to the receiver. Further, the signal will be present on the receiver indicator or vice versa. Moreover, it gives an understanding of which cable we found or not. In conclusion, the use of HP-117 allows you to select the desired cable from the bundle.


Firstly, the receiver automatically switches to the mode of selecting a cable from the bundle. This occurs when the sensor is connected to the receiver. Secondly, this equipment will allow you to work in difficult conditions. Namely, when various third-party communications can pass nearby. First of all, when various signals are emitted from them. Next, you need to understand when our desired signal is received. In other words, there is support for working at different frequencies. In conclusion, the ability to work in difficult conditions is the main advantage.

Work in difficult conditions

Firstly, it should be noted that a signal with different frequencies is supplied from the generator. Moreover, the generator allows you to set the frequency by selecting it from a wide range. However, Supported frequency range, Hz 50..104

In addition, selecting the right frequency is the process of determining the frequency of a signal that is not currently on the air. Therefore, in this way we can get rid of all kinds of interference.

As a result, the working set is formed from the receiver sensor and generator.

For what?

Fault Location Sensors


Cable and pipe detectors

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