Demonstration of cable locators inside the office with a direct connection

Demo Cable Locators inside the office with a direct connection (Finding the exact location of the cable fault inside the office and outside is the same)

For Finding Cable Failure, Before Using Cable Locators, we will use – Demonstrations of cable locators inside the office. In order to determine the exact location of one of the three faults. We will use three core cables (without voltage), 3 and 15 meters long, connected as follows:

 1. If phase short circuit – Finding the exact location of the cable fault

Phase short circuit

1. Finding the exact location – Phase short circuit

2. If phase short circuit to ground – Finding the exact location of the cable fault 
Finding Cable Failure

2. Finding the exact location – Short circuit to ground


3. If Phase break – Finding the exact location of the cable fault

Finding Cable Failure

3. Finding the exact location – Phase break


However Finding Cable Failure, Electromagnetic location methods in practice everything goes much harder. And the slightest features of the device allow significantly win in the end result. The most effective devices that allow to work both in active mode and in passive mode, which predetermines. The receiver has 2-3 active frequencies and industrial frequencies of 50 and 100 Hz. Currently these capabilities are in the FM series (Germany), RD (UK), PL (Japan) of foreign production.

Electromagnetic location methods has the following distinctive characteristics:
1. search from the ground and definition the presence of underground communications;
2. trace and identify specific lines;
3. measurement of the depth of communication directly from the ground;
4. portability of equipment;
5. low equipment weight and capability effective use even inexperienced by the operator (for most operations);
6. possibility of using equipment on all types of soil and even under water;
7. low cost of equipment and its individual components for the implementation of this method.

Finding places

Electromagnetic location methods, allows you to solve the problem of finding places depressurization of pipelines and places of damage cable-induction and acoustic lines. In addition, the presence in the set of sensors step voltage (DKI, DODK). Allows you to search for a place of decrease insulation resistances of the external covers of communications. And Also search for the place of cable damage by the capacitive method. To solve the problems facing the services, operating underground communications.

Fault Location Sensors