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Underground cable detector

Firstly, an underground cable detector is a piece of equipment used to locate cables. These are additionally used to pinpoint cable damages and to measure the depth. As well as the current of utility cable buried underneath the soil.

With the myriads of options available these days, it can become hard to choose one. That is best suited for solving a specific task. However, following a specified methodology can help choose one that will lead to the successful achievement of the goal.

Features Of Underground Cable Locators

With a range of features to offer, a cable detector Turkey is meant to assist. Help with effective and efficient detection of underground cables and their faults. Elements like regular owner change of industrial enterprises and restructuring can lead to severe damage and at times even partial loss of information regarding the current laying location of cables.

It is the responsibility of energy service providers to localize, map and log multi-layered underground mazes of cable lines. However, it cannot be denied that in a majority of cases, utilities are laid, particularly in bigger territory enterprises, in a very complicated manner. With the help of utility detectors, multi-level laying of industrial utilities, both operational and abandoned, can easily be found.

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Produced by Techno AC, Cable and pipe locators offers a range of cable detectors for dealership purposes within 21 countries. We are open for dealers across the world. And are interested in building a strong network of Techno AC representation for our products. Before choosing one of our products, make sure that you consider its conditions of application.

We offer distributor pricing for all our products and provide extensive online and offline dealer training too. To add to that, we provide complete information and offer full support as well to ensure a smooth relationship with our distributors.

Underground cable detectorunderground cable detector




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