Underground Pipe Locator Equipment

Underground pipe detector


An underground pipe detector is used to detect metal and non-metal pipes laid underneath the ground. These are also meant to help pinpoint any leakages in underground pipelines.

Features of Underground Pipe Detectors

The detector provided by Techno AC are based on a main element known as the acoustic sensor AD-227. This is basically a multi-functional ground microphone that comes with handles and attachable extension rods. All of these features are meant to ensure a smooth, comfortable and effective location of pipes underneath soft types of soil.

For the best results, it is highly recommended for you to purchase equipment that is best suited for the individual task. Doing so has the potential to guarantee the successful achievement of the goal and efficient detection of the pipe.

The Usage of Pipe Locators

Information pertaining to pipe laying can be partially lost with the passage of time. While the energy and utility service providers are responsible for localization, mapping and logging multi-layered pipes. The fact is that this bit of information can get lost because of restructuring and frequent owners change of industrial enterprises.

Apart from that, pipes are, in most cases, laid down in a rather complicated manner. This can make location of multi-level layers of pipes, irrespective of whether they are operational or abandoned, rather hard. In such a case, the utilization of highly efficient underground pipe locator equipment becomes a necessity.

Before choosing a detector by any given brand. It is extremely important for you to consider its overall application and the conditions in which it will be used. A majority of pipe detectors offered by Techno AC are designed in such a way that they fulfill the requirements put forth by clients based in different parts of the world. It is because of this passion that our company has received over 400 diplomas and titles over the years.

Our company is also GOST R ISO 9001-2015 certified.

underground pipe detector


underground pipe detector


underground pipe detector




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